5 Simple Statements About construction Explained

The participant's property should have not less than two Bedrooms with beds produced in every one. If one of several beds is removed, then the servant will likely not develop into existing again right up until the mattress is rebuilt and the participant exits and re-enters your house.

building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and partitions and stands more or less forever in one put; "there was a three-Tale developing about the corner"; "it had been an imposing edifice"

As with the 4 August 2010 update, Bizarre rocks can no more be obtained by just standing within a participant-owned home performing non-construction activities, such as alching or standing all over. Rocks in advance of this update employed to look on the ground close to the Portal. History

He can also transform a player's family crest, which seems through the entire property and on decorated armour designed because of the player. If you want to change your crest He'll charge you a fee of 5,000 coins.

(= interpretation) To place a construction on sth → interpréter qchconstruction firm n (= constructing organization) → entreprise file en bâtimentconstruction field n → (industrie f du) bâtimentconstruction web page n → chantier mconstruction employee n → ouvrier/ière m/f du bâtiment

** This Enhance can not be confirmed mainly because there are no construction items that require a amount above ninety nine. Construction takes advantage of

construction - drawing a figure satisfying sure problems as Portion of solving a difficulty or proving a theorem; "the assignment was to generate a construction that might be Employed in proving the Pythagorean theorem"

airdock, hangar, repair drop - a big composition at an airport wherever plane may be stored and taken care of

Gamers should purchase maps, landscapes, and portraits for decoration by speaking to Sir Renitee, who is situated upstairs to the east facet of Falador Castle.

The standard median income for any construction career is slightly below $thirty,000. Construction personnel who specialise in a selected area of more info construction can make greater wages based mostly on their knowledge and expertise.

Bookshelves that incorporate nearly every e-book the player has at any time collected, for that reason publications in bank is usually wrecked

The actions to generate a cup of tea are available in this article. Gamers should take into account that this Raise can only be made site info use of inside of participant-owned properties for the reason that if you exit your house or Sign off, the tea and all of its elements will disappear.

a builder. bouer, bouwerker, konstruksiewerker عامِل بِناء строителен работник operário stavbař der Bauarbeiter bygningsarbejder οικοδόμος obrero de la construcción ehitustööline سازنده rakennustyöläinen ouvrier/-ière du bâtiment בנאי निर्माण मजदूर graditelj építőmunkás pekerja bangunan byggingarverkamaður edile 建設労働者 건설 노동자 statybininkas celtnieks pekerja binaan bouwvakkertømrer, bygningsarbeider budowlaniec ودانونکی operário muncitor în construcţii строитель stavbár, -ka gradbeni delavec građevinac byggnadsarbetare คนงานก่อสร้าง inşaat işçisi 建築工人 будівельник مزدور người xây dựng 建筑工人

plumbery, plumbing - the occupation of a plumber (putting in and restoring pipes and fixtures for drinking water or fuel or sewage within a developing)

helpful; needing to do with building, not with destroying. Constructive criticism informs you both of those what on earth is wrong as well as how to proceed over it. opbouend, konstruktief بَنّاء градивен construtivo konstruktivní konstruktiv konstruktiv εποικοδομητικόςconstructivo edasiviiv سازنده rakentava constructifבונה, מועיל रचनात्मक konstruktivan konstruktív konstruktif uppbyggjandi costruttivo 建設的な 건설적인 konstruktyvus konstruktīvs; radošs membantu opbouwendkonstruktiv, skapendekonstruktywny ودانوونكى construtivo constructiv конструктивный konštruktívny tvoren konstruktivan konstruktiv ที่ช่วยให้พัฒนาขึ้น yapıcı 建設性的 конструктивний; творчий اصلاحى، تعميرى có tính chất xây dựng 建设性的

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